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JBoss Cache based Hibernate Cache provider 1.0.1.GA Released

I’m really pleased to announce version 1.0.1.GA of the JBoss Cache 1.4 series-based implementation of Hibernate’s 3.2 Second Level Cache provider SPI announced back in September. So, what’s new in this release? First of all, the standalone version of the cache provider, is now fully functional. Remember that this provider can be used both in standalone environments and within other Application Servers, such as Oracle Weblogic, IBM Websphere…etc.

Secondly, both hibernate.treecache.local.puts.only and hibernate.treecache.querycache.local.writes.only properties created in the 1.0.0.GA release have changed name to follow the Hibernate property format. So, these properties are now:



Please note that old style properties are still supported but marked as deprecated. You can find a full list of what has gone into this 1.0.1.GA release in here. Finally, a wiki has been created containing all documentation related to this cache provider with information on why this provider was created, who should be using, configuration examples…etc. As always, feedback is appreciated :).

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  1. For all readers, Infinispan 4.0 based Hibernate Second Level Cache provider is now out too! See

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