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Hola Infinispan!

infinispan_iconupdate_256xFor the last 3 years I’ve been helping JBoss customers use our products, and this role has greatly improved my customer service and problem solving skills. It has also given me a great insight into how JBoss technologies are used by our customers.

During this time, I’ve contributed features and provided fixes forJBoss Cache and JBoss Application Server projects. All the time I’ve invested contributing to these projects has finally paid off and as of 1st of June, I’m joining the Infinispan and JBoss Cache teams as Core Developer. I’m absolutely over the moon about joining one of the most forward thinking and innovative software development teams.

For those of you that are no familiar with it, Infinispan is the new extremely scalable and highly available data grid platform that is being built based on the lessons learned with JBoss Cache. Infinispan exposes a a JSR-107 (JCACHE) compatible Cache interface (which in turn extends java.util.Map) which from a usability perspective, developers are simply gonna love it. Based on personal experience and what I saw on the field, the previous tree structure was hard to get it right, and consumed a lot of memory. There’s a host of other features already available in Infinispan and new ones coming up. To find out more check out the Infinispan blog and online wiki.

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  1. Alejandro Montenegro says:

    Felicidades Galder, well deserved!

  2. Welcome on board dude! It’s gonna be one hell of a ride! :)

  3. Well done!

  4. Thanks Anne, Alejandro and Manik :)

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