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Speaking at JUDCon and JBoss World / Red Hat Summit 2010

I’ll be speaking at the first ever JBoss Users & Developers Conference (JUDCon) on the 21st of June and at the JBoss World / Red Hat Summit (22nd – 25th of June), both being held in Boston (USA). Here’s a brief summary of the talks that I’ll be giving:

The Hot Rod Protocol in Infinispan – JUDCon
On the 21st of June, I’ll be introducing the audience to Hot Rod, Infinispan‘s client-server protocol, explaining the motivation for creating it and comparing it with other existing protocols. I’ll also be talking about the potential use cases and will showcase a demo of a cluster of Hot Rod servers running on EC2.

Using Infinispan for High Availability, Load Balancing, & Extreme Performance – JBoss World
In this talk which will be held on the 24th of June, myself and Manik Surtani will be talking about the most interesting uses of Infinispan that we’ve seen in the community. With the experience of the challenges faced and lessons learned, we’ll be providing the audience with some valuable tips for any Infinispan based projects.

Why RESTful Design for the Cloud is Best – Red Hat Summit (Cloud)
Finally, on the last day of the summit, I’ll be talking about the relationship between REST and Clouds, focusing on the principles that make REST a successful technology for cloud-like environments.

If you happen to be around in Boston during these dates and you’re interested in these topics, do not hesitate in joining us :)

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